Citywide Response

Citywide Response is our charge per callout response service

Citywide Security Response is a response service level inside Sub 5 Private Security behind our premier Sub 5 Response Service. Our target response time for all priority Citywide jobs is under 30 minutes.

Our professionally trained and licensed team is equally at home protecting both Domestic or Commercial sites – so we are certain your needs can be met and exceeded.
In times of need, we will respond to you to:

  • All alarm activations
  • Any fire alarm
  • Any panic alarms
  • Any medical alarms
  • Phone calls for assistance
  • Other situations that require the presence of a Security Officer

If you chose Citywide as your response service you will receive an electronic invoice and report for each site visit.

Our Citywide services are a critical part of our company but all Clients on Sub 5 Services are priority response.

$90 + GST per callout

If a flat monthly fee is preferred please refer to our premier Sub 5 Alarm Response service.

You can contact Citywide Security Response at any time on 03 356 1200 – we would love to hear from you.