Security Guard Services

Sub 5 Security provides security guards for robbery and burglary prevention, surveillance and security. Professionally trained and licensed for short or long term assignments.

Sub 5 Private Security has considerable experience in:

  • Urgent crime scene protection
  • Commercial complex security
  • Car park control
  • Controlled and manned entry/exit gates
  • Dealing with protest situations
  • Company or private functions
  • Any other situations where you would require security officers

Our entire team takes great pride in maintaining a professional and polished appearance, exemplified by our distinctive uniforms. These uniforms not only serve as a source of pride for our personnel but also unequivocally signify the presence of your dedicated Sub 5 Security Officers on-site.

In addition to their professional presentation, our on-site static officers are equipped with seamless communication channels that directly link them with our mobile security officer teams. This strategic integration ensures a swift and effective response in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, as our dynamic communication system facilitates immediate backup deployment when needed. This commitment to connectivity and collaboration underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to your specific needs.