Ayden Johnson


Operations Manager


Ayden is a recent addition to the team here at Sub 5, having spent the past five years in the Security sector. Prior to joining us Ayden spent the last three years working for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) heavily involved in the security and recovery of the Central City and Residential Red Zone areas.


In his time at CERA Ayden managed the on ground response to multiple covert security cameras resulting in well over 100 arrests, dozens of arsons, countless burglaries and regularly went above and beyond to assist many of the vulnerable residents who have been deeply impacted by the earthquakes. 


Ayden is now the Operations Manager for Sub 5 dealing with all of our static guard sites, Ayden brings the same dedication, determination and passion to his position here at Sub 5 that he has shown in all of his work over the past five years.


When Ayden isn't at work he can normally be found deep in the NZ wilderness hunting or at your friendly local rifle, pistol or shotgun range. 


If you require a static guard for your site or have any other security related needs and want to experience a company with unparalleled dedication to their customers please contact Ayden right away, he will be more than happy to assist you.


Contact Ayden on:

Ayden@sub5.co.nz | 027 266 5227 | 03 962 2003

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